Infinispan 10.1.0发布,分布式集群缓存系统

Infinispan是一个高度可扩展的,高度可用的键/值数据存储和数据网格平台。它是100%开源的,并用Java编写   Infinispan的目的是公开一种分布式的数据结构,高度并发且经过基础设计,以充分利用现代多处理器和多核体系结构。它通常用作分布式缓存,还用作NoSQL键/值存储或对象数据库。


  • Native SSL/TLS provided by WildFly OpenSSL. The server only ships with native libraries for Linux x86_64, but you can download natives for other platforms and architectures
  • Improved usability of the Hot Rod client configuration with better defaults
  • Full support for authorization for admin operations via the RESTful endpoint
  • Console authentication support
  • Kerberos authentication for both Hot Rod (GSSAPI, GS2) and HTTP/Rest (SPNEGO)
  • Improved LDAP realm configuration with connection tuning and attribute references
  • Rewritten client/server security documentation including examples on how to create certificate chains, connecting to various LDAP directories and KeyCloak, etc.


  • A command-line switch to specify an alternate logging configuration file
  • Query and indexing operations/stats are now exposed over the RESTful API
  • Tasks and Scripting support
  • Support for binding the endpoints to / ::0 (aka INADDR_ANY)


More work has landed on the quest to completely remove blocking calls from our internals. The following have been made non-blocking:

  • State transfer
  • The size operation
  • Cache stream ops with primitive types

Additionally, caches now have a reactive Publisher which is intended as a fully non-blocking approach to distributed operations.


  • The query components have been reorganized so that they are more modular.


  • The introduction of histogram and timer metrics.
  • The /metrics endpoint now includes base and vendor microprofile metrics


  • The REST cache store has been updated to use the v2 RESTful API.

Removals and deprecations

  • The old RESTful API (v1) has been partially reinstated until 11.0. Bulk ops are disabled.
  • The Infinispan Lucene Directory has been deprecated.
  • The memcached protocol server has been deprecated. If you were relying on this, come and talk to us about working on a binary protocol implementation.

Bug fixes, clean-ups, and documentation

Over 160 issues fixed including a lot of documentation updates. See the full list of changes and fixes


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