Summary of the reasons for the collapse of Chinese private enterprises

The summary of the reasons for the collapse of private enterprises in China is too incisive!

1, buddy-style partnership, enemies

The most common mode of gathering in Chinese companies - at the beginning of the company's founding, the partners deal with each other with feelings and loyalty, and the system and equity are either uncertain or vague. After the company grows up, the system becomes important, and the interests begin to attract people's eyes. Therefore, "seats the seats, divides the gold and silver, and talks about honor and disgrace", the enterprise is not the internal consumption of the sword, but the Liangshan heroes are scattered.

2, blindly worship social relations

Relationship promotes productivity, so the establishment and application of social relations is the necessary ability of merchants; but relationship is not equal to productivity, social relations as a panacea for solving all problems of enterprise development, forgetting the truth that "ironing must be hard", then the enterprise is upside down The big trouble will come sooner or later.

3, superstition "airborne soldiers"

They all said that "the foreign monk will recite the scriptures." The correct approach should be: Do not use "airborne troops", do not use "airborne troops", and do not use "airborne troops". There are too many lessons for Chinese companies in this respect, and there will always be people who can't help but make mistakes: give up the talents around them, and superstitious masters from far away.

4, the company's pillar philanthropy

A Chinese-style organization that relies on people to control people, not on institutions. Originating from the tradition of peasants fighting the mountains and rivers, and flooding the contemporary business society with aggravated trust crisis, it is the main bottleneck for China's emotional-linked enterprises to go toward standardized governance.

5, face is greater than truth

The face is: I have already fixed this, and everyone in the world knows it; the truth is: this direction is a curved twist, and it is very likely that this road will not work. The boss who loves the face said: "When the fuck is going, whoever does not perform the class, play and play."

6, commercial superstition

Compass God signed the 卦 phase, sincere and fearful, measuring the wind and water to measure talents; incense swayed into the temple, pay homage, seek for luck. Business sea is ruthless, overturned, who will bless?

7, knowing people without knowing

Seeing people's heads is the way, seeing that they are dizzy. I have never seen the key factors in my lead in the industry, a history of success, full of confusion. Therefore, there has never been a clear strategic plan: what to insist on, what to improve, how to innovate, and how to stick to it.

8. Habitual credit deficiency

Speaking is not counted, contracts are not counted, and promises are not counted. This is almost the most common landscape of Chinese merchant tribes. Internally, the rules plan is infinite, today, tomorrow, change, and the day after tomorrow, the hands are not suitable; externally, the contract promises a piece of waste paper, depending on the situation, smearing, discounting or even tearing, the collaborators have no return.

9. Cultural attitude

The boss of a private enterprise, such as the King of the Mountain, was born at the end of Qingping. He grew up in the wilderness of the rivers and lakes. He took the cultural route of Guanxi: he closed the door of the cottage, and the old man was the best in the world; he rushed out of the cottage to plunder the wealth, hit the wall and bend, and saw the seam. The picture shows that life is a happy life and less of a mission spirit; there is neither a long-term economic goal nor a cultural mature proposition.

10. Enterpriseization of class struggle

There can be balance within the enterprise, but it is not possible to fight. The "Cultural Revolution" tells us that what is finally lost in "promoting the masses to fight the masses" is the efficiency and cohesion of enterprises.

11, indulge in wine

Some people are incapable of controlling their desires to indulge in wine; some people have no passion for indulging in wine because of their careers; some people have indulged in wine because they have suffered in the past, and some people are eager to find the money because they are "sorrowful in life". Indulge in wine color.

12. Investment adventurism

Take the money to "eat porridge" to invest, or borrow and even lie to others to "eat porridge" money to invest, the so-called success and defeat in this move, the life of the family is tied to the front line, tremble, eager for quick success, misbehavior, 焉Unbeaten?

13. Investment empiricism

At another time, in another market, in another industry, facing another group of employees or consumers, the investment, layout, production, and sales of the year. The conductor is still the conductor of yesterday, the music is still the same music, but why did the dancers count several people this time?

14. Investment extremism

Three months ago, I was excited to drop the money. After March, I was so frustrated that I had to leave, the front foot stepped on the gas pedal, the hind foot stepped on the brakes, the enterprise oscillated, and the British fell. The common problem of investors was the investment in the industry. Insufficient estimates of deepening and complexity of corporate competition.

15. Human resources illusion

On the one hand, we always overestimate the height of our employees, and on the other hand we always underestimate the level of our employees.

16. Excessive pursuit of system balance

Businesses are always made up of departments and systems, and they need a dynamic balance between each other. However, the boss over-emphasizes the balance, and emphasizes “a bowl of water and flatness” in terms of reward and punishment policies, personnel promotion, departmental authority, performance appraisal, etc. Finally, the best ones do not award, the wrong ones do not punish, all departments eat big pots of rice, the enterprises want The balance has disappeared.

17. Head up to criticize the unspoken rules and bow down to the unspoken rules

I never think that I have a responsibility for the arrival of an ideal society.

18, perfectionism mass

Perfectionism is not a bad thing, but if it is expanded, it will bring endless troubles and troubles to individuals and businesses.

The perfectionist boss always wants to achieve the highest goal. They have "high standards and strict requirements" for their subordinates. Because they are deeply sought after, they are responsible for it. They always have too high a vision, too many picky, and too much blame.

19, arty

A swarm of bee climbers, a bee to play golf, a nest of bee EMBA, a nest of bees hanging on the wall of art ... It is worth pointing out that this is not because of hobbies or needs, but because of imitation and display.

20, do not learn nothing

The boss has to deal with all kinds of situations every day. If there are too many things, he is not willing to learn. Many people do not read books, do not read newspapers, do not watch TV, do not access the Internet, and are even more reluctant to spend time on training. In their view, the market is the best teacher, learning is just to decorate the facade of the show. Due to the long-term indulging in the small circle, the information is closed, the knowledge structure is aging, and eventually it is either eliminated by the market or forgotten by the mainstream.

Don't let emotions become a stumbling block on your way forward.

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